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Swenson and Silacci Flowers

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Up the Romance Factor of Your Gift by Including One of These Items with Flowers

Sweet Surprises Bouquet is an absolutely charming way to send your warmest sentiments. Deep fuchsia and pink mini carnations, hot pink roses, white traditional daisies and lush greens are sweetly situated in a classic clear glass vase accented with a perfectly pink designer ribbon to create a bouquet that will delight your special recipient at every turn!

Sweet Surprises Bouquet

When you want to give an amazing gift to someone, the first step is to select a stunning bouquet of flowers to go with it. Why? Well, for starters, flowers make everything better! Not only are they beautiful, natural, and fragrant, but they put a smile on everyone’s face and look great anywhere. Plus, they promote feelings of happiness and tranquility. What more do you need in a gift? Flowers are the perfect gift on their own, but when you want to make your gift really stand out, choose from one of the below gift ideas to pair with flowers.

Here at Swenson and Silacci Flowers, the premier florist in Salinas, have a great selection of gorgeous, expertly designed quality bouquets of flowers, and know from years of experience which gifts pair perfectly with them. Look through our curated list of items to create not just an incredible gift, but an incredible experience as well.

An Excellent Romantic Gift Choice:
One of These Gifts Plus Flowers

original art, beautiful watercolor painting of flowers in vase

Flower Print or Painting

The beauty of flowers is captured in time to last forever through art. Pair a fresh bouquet of magnificent florals with a print or a painting of pretty blooms to keep the memory of living flowers alive. Not only will a painting or print liven up a room and make it brighter, just like real flowers, but is an excellent gift for an art lover.

Spa setting , aromatherapy and health care items,

Floral-Infused Spa Essentials

Spa items pair perfectly with flowers as they both promote feelings of tranquility, relaxation, and a boost to one’s overall sense of well-being. Your recipient will feel like a pampered queen after receiving this gift combo.

Chocolate candy in a cut on a white background. Blueberry and lavender flavor and taste. Blurred ingredients on background

Artisanal Chocolates With Floral Flavors

Quality, hand-made chocolates are a wonderful gift on their own but find some that are flower flavored to pair with a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers, and your recipient will swoon in romantic delight.

Bottles of perfume with flowers on white background

Floral-Base Perfume

Women love perfume almost as much as they love flowers. After all, they both smell great and make her feel special, loved, and beautiful. Vibrant, fragrant, and stunning flowers paired with an elegant sweet-smelling perfume is the perfect pairing.

Silver flower brooch isolated on white

Floral-Inspired Jewelry

Fine jewelry and high-quality fresh flowers from the florist are two gifts most people don’t get for themselves. When both are given together to someone, it becomes a gift for the ages the recipient won’t ever forget.

Wine and roses

A Fine Bottle of Wine

When done properly, a nice bottle of wine paired with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers will create an amazing night to remember. Wine has a “bouquet” with some varietals tasting of flowers, so it’s important to choose a wine that complements your flowers and vice versa. For example, fragrant white lilies can enhance a crisp, breezy, white wine, while bold, perfumey red roses can make a cabernet more complete.

There are many gifts that pair well with flowers because flowers go with everything! They are the perfect gifts and make everything just so much better. The next time you’re ready to brighten someone’s day with a gift and a beautiful bouquet of blooms, peruse our online selection of floral arrangements for the best quality fresh flowers around.