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Swenson and Silacci Flowers

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Vibrant Red Flowers Are the Best Way to Banish the Winter Doldrums

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add a pop of color to your home this winter or fall, look no further than a bouquet of fresh red flowers. Often associated with love and romance, red blooms can represent a variety of meanings, from courage and respect to the more known love and romance to power and passion. From scarlet to crimson, the floral experts at Swenson & Silacci Flowers are here to showcase some of our favorite red flowers and why we love them.

Look to these beautiful red blooms to brighten your home for the holiday season


The tall and sturdy red amaryllis represents strength and determination.


Simple but striking in appearance, the red anemone is a symbol of love.


Hailing from warmer climates this tropical bloom will make any room feel like an island paradise. It also represents happiness and hospitality.


Standing as a symbol of undying devotion, this beautiful bloom is a prominent flower in Greek mythology.


Silky, modest, and lovely, the red carnation is a symbol of admiration.


Sometimes referred to as the “Queen of Fall Flowers,” the chrysanthemum symbolizes joy and beauty.


A bold and unique flower, the red dahlia symbolizes commitment.

Gerbera Daisy

It’s no surprise the red gerbera daisy is the 5th most popular bloom in the world.


The supreme gesture of romance, this fragrant rose comes in a variety of red hues.


Also known as holly, winterberry is a symbol of winter and Christmas.

Why Is Red an Exciting Color Choice for Flowers?

The history of the color red is captivating. It’s the first color humans perceive after black and white, and it’s the color a baby sees before any other color. Red also happens to be the first color to be developed for painting and dyeing and in antiquity, red represented war, wealth, and power. During the medieval era, red gained more religious and secular meanings such as symbolizing the blood of Christ and the fires of Hell, as well as love, beauty, and glory.

Red has been called “the color of extremes” as it represents love, passion, seduction, violence, anger, and danger. Here are a few more interesting facts about the color red:

  • Brides in India and Japan wear red gowns on their wedding day for luck and prosperity.
  • Red symbolizes good luck in Asia and is the most popular color in China.
  • Red is one of the top two favorite colors of all people (blue is the other one).
  • Red is on 77% of all world flags, making it the most popular flag color.
  • Red is the international color for “Stop.”
  • Red captures our attention as it’s one of the most visible colors.
  • Studies show men are more attracted to women who wear red and spend more money on them.
  • Red paired with green symbolizes Christmas in Western countries.

There’s no doubt about it – red is the color of life and love. The one thing we know for sure is that red is not a boring color. It’s stimulating and exciting, which is why we love red flowers for banishing that cold look from our homes during fall and winter.

What is the Red Christmas Flower Called?

It’s hard to mention flowers for the end of the year without mentioning the most popular and iconic holiday flower. The poinsettia! The poinsettia is an iconic symbol of the holiday, with its red and green colors eliciting thoughts of presents, Christmas trees, and stockings. This colorful plant represents love, joy, hope, cheer, and goodwill, and when taken proper care of, you can enjoy your poinsettia plant all year long and watch it bloom again and again each year.

If you’re looking for a great way to spruce up your home for the holidays or to banish the winter doldrums, you can’t go wrong with an arrangement of festive red flowers from Swenson and Silacci! Check out our selection of gorgeous red blooms now.