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Swenson and Silacci Flowers

Posted by Mark Silacci on January 26, 2023 | Last Updated: January 27, 2023 Uncategorized

Meaningful Valentine’s Day Blooms for The People We Love Most

Flowers are the perfect sentimental and thoughtful gift that anyone is sure to enjoy. From the person who seems to have everything to the person who could always use another pop of color, from luxurious to classic, and from romance to lightheartedness, flowers check all the boxes. Here at Swenson & Silacci Flowers, the top florist in Salinas, CA, we spoil our loved ones with all sorts of symbolic blooms, especially as Valentine’s Day gets closer and closer. While creating a romantic ambiance with red roses for your partner is a popular way to celebrate, honoring the people who love you unconditionally with meaningful flowers is also sweet and caring. Look below to find out which flowers are ideal for your loved ones.

Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Sentiment

Gifts for Your Father or Grandfather

It’s time to dismiss the myth that men don’t enjoy receiving flowers. Just like women, the fellas in your life enjoy admiring the colorful, bright, and fragrant gifts from Mother Nature. So, remind them how much you love them or ask them to be your valentine with hardy blooms like sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and gerbera daisies. A bold floral arrangement is sure to warm your father’s or grandfather’s heart this Valentine’s Day.

Gifts for Your Mother or Grandmother

Mothers and grandmothers are gentle, elegant, refined, thoughtful, and seemingly perfect. So, express your gratitude through flowers that signify all of these things, such as lavender, white, and pink roses. There is nothing more priceless and purer than a mother’s undying love for their child, and carnations express this beautifully. So, this Valentine’s Day, shower the amazing moms and grandmoms in your life with a floral bouquet bursting with gorgeous symbolism.

Gifts for Your Brother

Picking out a Valentine’s Day gift for your brother should feel like you’re selecting something to make his life a little better. Brothers always have our backs, no matter how old or young, so remind him that you’ll always have his back, too. Blooming plants like birds of paradise, orchids, and peace lilies are rejuvenating and energizing and encourage us to live a healthy lifestyle. For brothers who are sometimes forgetful, lean towards something that is also easy to care for, like a succulent.

Gifts for Your Sister

Like brothers, sisters and best girlfriends are always ready to go to bat for you. However, most of the time, they are a little more gentle, graceful, or elegant than brothers. Keep this in mind when searching for that flawless floral bouquet that reminds you of them, perhaps one that includes daisies, anemones, roses, or alstroemeria. Blue aster, the symbol of sisterhood, is also an obvious choice to acknowledge your sisterly love this Valentine’s Day. Above all, pastel yellow and peach flowers are a lovely representation of appreciation, lightheartedness, positivity, sweetness, and friendship.

Gifts for Your Partner

A bouquet of one dozen red roses is always the most glorious Valentine’s Day tradition that your partner will never get tired of. This year, throw a curve ball and surprise them with extra spices of passion and romance by including white roses to represent loyalty, elegance, and purity and lilies to signify femininity, grace, and longing. Then, complete the grand gesture with a thoughtful gift that pairs flawlessly with flowers.

No matter your loved one’s age and gender or the special occasion, flowers are always the greatest go-to gift. Floral arrangements can incorporate a favorite bloom, favorite color, or favorite symbolism. Not to mention, their beauty and aroma are beyond captivating! Simply stated, you cannot go wrong with fresh Valentine’s Day blooms from Swenson & Silacci for your entire family.