Wyld Collection

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Swenson & Silacci's Wyld Collection of sympathy flowers embodies the classic Salinas style with a unique twist. This collection showcases a harmonious blend of dried grasses and florals, fresh greenery, and a delicate touch of fresh-cut florals, proteas, and succulents. The result is a breathtaking arrangement that pays homage to the beauty of nature while offering solace and comfort during times of loss.

The inclusion of dried grasses and florals adds a rustic and timeless element, evoking a sense of nostalgia and remembrance. Fresh greenery brings life and vitality to the arrangement, while the vibrant colors and textures of proteas and succulents create a captivating visual contrast.

Swenson & Silacci's Wyld Collection is a perfect choice for expressing heartfelt condolences and honoring the memory of a loved one in a truly distinctive and meaningful way.